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Considered as one of the oldest sports in the world, wrestling does not have a real reputation as a martial art. But this is not true as many of the moves and throws used in wrestling you can see in martial arts such as sumo, jujitsu and of course judo. These moves require strong balance, power, and leverage to defeat your opponent. Wrestling teaches the same life principles that many martial arts do, discipline, self-belief, and hard work. Here are some of the reasons that wrestling is the best martial art of all.

Teaching Humility

Wrestling is very much a one versus one sport, and therefore there is nobody else to blame if your performance is not up to par. When this happens, you tend to accept that failure is part of wrestling and that you have to learn and move from it. It also teaches you to learn from your mistakes and improve the areas that you are deficient in.

Wrestling is a Great Base for Martial Arts

If you look at the popular ONE and UFC Championships that now have a fanatical fan base, you can see that the majority of the moves the competitors make are based on wrestling. And one of the biggest traits that you will see in the MMA is explosive power which is a fundamental part of wrestling. The unrelenting spirit that is derived from wrestling to endure a bout carries forward into many martial arts and different fighting disciplines.

Wrestling is a Great Base for Martial Arts

Wrestling is a Great Base for Martial Arts

Wrestling Develops Your Athletic Skill

Being in a wrestling bout gives you a total body workout, it uses the muscles of the whole body and therefore is a great foundation to develop your whole body. Your core strength is increased by the constant pulling and pushing against your opponent whilst trying to maintain your stance. Whilst trying to avoid your opponent’s attacks this will improve your balance immensely, as you constantly have to re-adjust your weight and position to be as strong as possible.

Wresting Builds Up Endurance

Unlike most martial arts that are based on fast attacks and quick retreats, wrestling is a constant brawl. When you train for wrestling you are in constant contact with your opponent and therefore you have to have immense endurance to carry on. There is not let up of aggression and your body has to learn to achieve the strength to allow you to carry on. As you work on the major muscle groups your heart also gets stronger as it has to be efficient enough to pump blood around the body to supply the muscle groups. Also, your lungs increase in capacity to help you through all the non-stop and explosive activity.

Wrestling Teaches Respect

As you progress in wrestling and train more with your colleagues you will learn just how much hard work is needed to be a top wrestler. And every time you step onto the mat you will give the proper respect due to the opponent as you are fully aware what it has taken for them to be there. Wrestling is a great foundation for numerous martial arts and therefore is the best of all of them as without the qualities that it takes to be a top wrestler you cannot be a good martial arts master.