UK Pitbulls


There are a lot of sports in the world, but wrestling is one of the hardcore games that a lot of men love to watch and enjoy. Wrestling is a thrilling and fascinating game, and a lot of people find it hard to believe that it’s act. Its one of the first few question that a lot of non-believers would ask when pro wrestling is started in a conversation. British fight pulled a lot of attraction in the 70’s but lay in the shadow for decades until its revival in the past few years. If you are a tourist looking for the best place to enjoy the best places to see wrestling or you are a fan of wrestling looking to watch your first live match, here are some of the areas to see the fight in the UK.


Progress is one of the original companies in the UK to start the wrestling revolution. The founders of progress were annoyed at the draught of good places to see fights in the British wrestling world especially when you talk about the lack of effort put in talent. Due to the hatred of this lack of confidence, they decided to start their own company for a change, and they named it to progress. Wrestling shows are quite similar to a long-running soap, and it’s easy to catch along as you go. Be sure to grab a ticket early as there lots of enthusiast like you at Alexandra Palace that sell out lots of tickets in advance.


The Lucha Britannia adopts the campier style of wrestling, unlike some other wrestling company. It doesn’t mean it’s not physical but the wrestlers are a bit more self-aware, and this plays up the comedy side of the wrestling. Bolder characters and bright colors are the trends at Lucha Britannia. They subscribe to the Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling which signifies more crazy action and more flips than your regular show. They are also known to use a very vast amount of masks.


The world women’s wrestling has gone through some changes in recent times, and some credits should be given to the Netflix show GLOW.  Over the years, female wrestlers are usually presented as something for men to watch and is sexualized, but in recent years, female wrestlers hit just as hard as the male wrestlers. If you are looking to enjoy the best of female wrestling, the best place to enjoy all the action is the pro wrestling eve. Most of their shows are in the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, and its proximity to the crowd to the show just lightens the atmosphere. There is a great diversity of people displaying at EVE with spectacular wrestlers such as Vixen of Violence and Session Math Marina.


A lot of people think most of WWE when anything wrestling comes up. Although a W stands for world, WWE is an American based company, and they only tend to visit the UK just about twice a year mostly in November and April. The shows are hosted at either the o2 arena or the Wembley Arena. However, there are some rumors about Wrestlemania taking place here sometimes in the future so be ready to grab all the action in London.