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A tag team is made up of two or more wrestlers working together as a group. Tag team wrestling involves a tag team wrestling with another side of a similar number. In a handicap match, there may be an exception to this as there can be an unequal number of competitors. Andre, the Giant as an example, was usually put against two or more opponent. In most tag team wrestling matches, only a competitor from each team is allowed to be in the ring at a time. The wrestler can change who is in the ring by a palm to palm tag that is similar to a high five. The team-based match has been a significant part of professional wrestling since the mid-twentieth century, and there have been lots of applications for a championship division for tag teams. A tag team usually named after the number of members, for example, a three-man tag team, four men tag team, etc.


The first tag team match was in the San Francisco, the United States in the Year 1901. San Francisco promoter introduces tag team as a way of improving the entertainment value of wrestling. The innovation, now almost a tradition in American fight did not become popular outside San Francisco until the 1930’s. The first World tag team championship first held in San Francisco in the early 1950’s. However, tag matches with three-man teams where developed and in some places a division was made for these groups, but this did not become very popular. Outside Mexico, Tag team matches with multiple men are considered as a unique attraction. Typically, a tag team championship is awarded and divided by a team of two wrestlers. A very popular storyline is former tag team partners turning on each other which will cause a feud. Often used when one of the members is called to introduce a new gimmick.


All standard rules of wrestling are put into practice in a tag team match. However, only one wrestler from a team, regarded as the legal man is allowed to be in the ring at a time. Other members of the team are expected to wait outside the rope in the team specified corner. Only a legal wrestler is allowed to have a fall scored against or for him/her. Wrestler, outside or legal may face disqualification for himself and his team for flaunting rules. Once a tag is made successfully, a wrestler tagging out is given a grace period to leave the ring before risking disqualification. Teams allow to be together for this grace period, and most heel teams use this to gang up against a member of the opponent. To make a legal tag, both feet of the wrestler outside must be flat on the apron, and the outside wrestler must be touching the tag rope that tied in the corner, Tags are considered legal as long as there is contact between the two team members. The referee as the final say over a match and can anytime overlook some of these rules.