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This Wrestler Became The Superstar Of Hollywood

This Wrestler Became The Superstar Of Hollywood

His name says it all, so you can get the right image. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has proven that his talents are unbeatable. When the former star of wrestling first appeared in a major Hollywood movie, he made an unforgettable impression. The movie called “Mummy Returns” was a massive hit in 2001, and it boosted Johnson’s career enormously. His role as The Scorpio King was so impressive that the producers subsequently offered him a solo movie to develop this role. That laid the foundation for an extraordinary career in the industry of movies.

Athletes Of The Third Generation

However, the initial dream of Dwayne Johnson was to conquer the wrestling world because he heard about that since the days of a cradle. His father was a wrestler and his grandfather was a wrestler also, so he was the one who initially got the nickname of The Rock and became the world-famous wrestler. However, little Dwayne had something completely different in his mind. He wanted to be a professional footballer. His talent showed up when he was a teenager. He managed to get a scholarship from the University of Miami. He was successful with the Miami Hurricanes for several years, but a serious back injury in 1995 ended his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Johnson turned back to his roots and decided to become a wrestler. His father was initially not enthusiastic, but he took over his son’s training. That paid off and Johnson came to the World Wrestling Foundation under the nickname of The Rock to honor his grandfather Rocky Maivia. As the captain of The Nation of Domination and the Cooperation team, he had great successes until he finally decided to become a lone fighter. He won against Hulk Hogan and was the first wrestler who won seven world titles. His success and charisma also made him an attractive figure for Hollywood.


At first, Dwayne Johnson appeared in some well-known series such as Star Trek, but his big breakthrough came only with the movie “Mummy Returns”. He quickly got a label of an action hero who was also able to inspire his fans in funny roles. The Rock celebrated its big breakthrough in the fifth part of the “Fast & Furious” action series. Since his first appearance on the side of Vin Diesel, he has found a permanent place there. In the meantime, Dwayne Johnson has plenty of movie hits including Jumanji, San Andreas, G.I. Joe, and Skyscraper.

Less Muscles Are Required

The Rock has taken on a lot on his third career. With hard training, he created a new body that was needed for his roles. However, his impressive torso is not just the result of years of work in the gym. Johnson has also put himself under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon. But the surgery was different what you might imagine the giant had his chest muscles reduced. He hoped for more demanding roles. It is hard to believe that The Rock had too many muscles even for Hollywood. Finally, he has achieved his goal!