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There is definitely a big difference between solo and tag wrestling, and to master the art of tag wrestling there are many qualities that you and your partner need to develop. Tag wrestling is almost a different version of wrestling, it is exciting and fun. Just when you think a wrestler is in severe difficulty, he tags his partner and the whole bout changes. There is something quite unique about a pair of warriors battling it out for each other, it is almost a brotherly thing. And when the bell rings to start the match the warrior chemistry all starts.


The ideal tag team is a well-oiled machine and should fit together perfectly like a jigsaw. WWE have joined the bandwagon of bringing back tag wrestling into the limelight. This version of wrestling had been on the decline for decades but now the promoters have seen just how much audiences love it and tag wrestling is once again becoming immensely popular. Great tag teams have a really close chemistry, and it is not surprising that some of the very best have been either best friends or brothers. Two examples of this were the Uso’s and the Steiner brothers, who knew all about their partners abilities as they spent their youth wrestling at home. So by the time they came to wrestling in the ring they had a big advantage over other teams.




Wrestling promoters have seen the potential in tag teams, and there is far more mileage promoting pairs than solo bouts. Not all promoters got is right though and selected great solo wrestlers to partner up with other well-known fighters. But this did not always work out, as there was a lack of synergy between the two athletes. But WWE had a different attitude to picking tag teams, they paired relatively unknown wrestlers together as they did not what else to do with them. But the surprising thing was these teams actually worked, there was a chemistry between the wrestlers that the big stars did not have.


Not only does a great tag team need to have synergy, the sum of both parts should be stronger than the individual components. By this both wrestlers have to have different strengths to bring to the party. They should be counterparts, that one could hardly wrestle without the other. What one wrestler cannot do their partner should be able to, and vice versa. And this is what makes a truly great tag team, perhaps one brings brute force and the other technical finesse. Whatever the skill sets are they must be enough to defeat the opponents.


The best tag teams in wrestling history work on the same plan and playbook. Heel tag teams work on a principle of one wrestler distracting the referee whilst their partner gets involved in some dirty tricks. They are great for audiences as the crowd bays for fair play and cheer on the opponents. This is impossible in solo wrestling and is a really big attraction for the continued success of tag wrestling.