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We all know the fact that wrestling matches are made-to-believe and are about acting the pain and punches, but it brings out the enjoyment factor for viewers. Even if the events look violent, they were the main reason why teenagers back in the day stayed up late on a school night to watch the show. Every year the event called “Wrestlemania” attracts many fans around the world and lets to show the craziness of what happens in the ring and outside of it! Here are our top ten popular wrestling matches.

At number 10 we have Triple H vs Cactus Jack – Royal Rumble. The fight was such devastating for Cactus Jack it almost made us sling. He was taking in drawing pins to his face and body!

This is followed by The Rock vs Mankind and the “I Quit”. Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, also known for many nicknames but in this match Mankind, took too many hits from The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, and it was hard to watch. Mick’s family was sitting courtside and had to experience the defeat of their beloved one. He got baffled with a rocky chair many times.

Yokozuna vs Bret Hart in Wrestlemania 9, with the changing of scenarios during the match, Yokozuna managed to win World Heavyweight Title. World Championship Wrestling WarGames gave us Booker, Goldberg, Kronik & Sting vs Vince Russo, Kevin Nash, Jarrett & S. Steiner. The match was ridiculous as it could get. Two teams, 8 men, joined the ring for the battle of championship belt. It was off limits and almost no rules were applied. To spice it up, some goods (musical instruments, ladder, lock sickle) were thrown to the stage.

This is followed by Snake bite with J. Roberts vs Randy Savage. In 1991 Jake Roberts made horrific history incident during the match where he let the depoisoned cobra attack his opponent for three to four seconds. It led to some wrestlers retiring from the show. Up next: Undertaker vs Kane and the blazing match. Two strong wrestlers went up against each other surrounded by fire, blazing hot fire. That was some extreme sweaty match.

Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz, the three-way fight of Wrestlemania 17. Oh man it was insane! Flying chairs, ladders and tables – they had it all. In one ring three teams clashing to prove who’s the best. If one guy climbed the ladder and was confident to finish the other guy, he messed up – Edge controlled the ladder and pushed everyone off it. 

Ladders, Razor Ramon and Shaw Michaels? Allow us to explain. The first ever match where ladders were put into the ring and used to demolish the opponents. Frightful metal sound on flat ground gave a signal – it is not going to be a nice delicate match. Let’s not forget the Hulk Hogan vs Andre “The Giant” throwing it down on Wrestlemania 3. Noisy, crazy and wicked. Hulk body-slammed Andre, that is all it needs to be said.

And finally, the unforgettable Rock and Stone Cold in Wrestlemania 17. The whole match started due to Stone Cold’s invitation for The Rock to the ring. It was No Disqualification match, also known “anything goes”, where the wrestlers can make use of weapons and interfere their fight outside the ring. With the help from Vince McMahon coming out of nowhere, Stone Cold won the absolutely dreadful match.