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Want to know the best form of self-defense? The answer is knowledge. When it comes to your security and safety, it is essential to remain alert at all times. In this write-up, you will find tips for self-defense. Before you read them, don’t forget the fundamental security tips: sound is your friend and there is strength in numbers. The information you gained here might just save your life someday!

When Walking

  1. Don’t walk alone; walk with a companion. The majority of attackers become hesitant to harm you if you have company, be it male or female.
  2. Don’t take short-cuts through vacant lots, parks as well as other places that are deserted.
  3. Stay in places which are well-lit and avoid those that is dark and isolated.
  4. Make sure your purse does not dangle; let it be held close to you. Don’t ever put it on counters of stores or set it down on bus seats and restaurant seats.
  5. If you encounter a situation where someone is following you, cross to the other side of the street, behave suspiciously and don’t stop looking behind you. These actions of yours may make the follower lose interest in trailing you. Move towards a group of people or an area that is well lit.
  6. If someone in a car is keeping track of your movement, once you got wind of this act, turn around immediately and move toward your opposite direction. If you can, try and document the license number; then find a secure place and put a call through to the police.
  7. On getting home, get your key ready to open the door without any waste of time.
  8. Don’t switch off your outside light so that on returning home, you can see with ease.

When You Are at Home

  1. Do the installation of a peep-hole, which you will use to check who is at the door. Make sure that you request identification of strangers before you open the door and let them into your house.
  2. Make sure not to leave a note on your door, stating that you are not around.
  3. Make use of only your last name as well as initial on the door, in the phone book and on your mailbox.
  4. Purchase a dog dish and put it by your door. Even if you have no dog, this will create an impression that you have one in your home and could discourage intruders.


In the Car

  1. If while driving you to detect that a car is on your trail, do not try to leave your car or drive into the driveway. Proceed to the closest police station or open business to get assistance.
  2. Make sure that your valuable items such as a purse, a laptop, and smartphone are kept out of sight, beneath a seat.
  3. If you desire to arrive or leave dark, you should always park in an area that is well-lighted.
  4. Never park in a visually obstructed or deserted place close to heavy foliage or walls.