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Wrestling is a sport that has traditionally been thought of as only for men or associated with men. In the early days of the WWF this was certainly the case with women really playing only a minor role. Of course this is certainly not the case anymore and there have been, and still are some really phenomenal women wrestlers on the wrestling circuit today. One of these is Canadian Patricia Anne Stratigeas who wrestles under the name Trish Stratus. She started off in the WWF, World Wrestling Federation, and by the time it became the WWE, world Wide Entertainment, she had become a rising star. In 2013 she was even inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. She actually won the WWE Hardcore Championship in 2002. Among American wrestlers there was Chyna. Chyna was born Joan Marie Laurer in New York, Chyna was a very successful wrestler who even wrestled, with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). This tough New Yorker did win a WWF woman’s championship.  Chyna qualified for King of the Ring tournament in 1999. She was the first woman to ever qualify for the King of the Ring tournament.

Another American woman who is a highly successful and popular wrestler is Charlotte Flair. She is currently active on the WWE circuit. She is the current champion of the Smackdowns Woman Championship of the WWE. Interestingly she actually started wrestling as a teen and accompanied her father when he wrestled for the WWF. She won the WWF world woman’s championship in 2016 and is still doing well in competitions. Sasha Banks is a very talented WWE wrestler who is from Boston in the US. She is actively signed to the WWE although she once was an independent wrestler. She has won five championships which is truly impressive. She has won the NXT Woman’s Championship, and has won the Woman’s RAW Championship four times. She, along with charlotte Flair was the first to fight in a pay-per-view WWE event in 2016. She also wrestled in the longest ever woman’s match which was 30 minutes long. Alexa Kaufman, ring name Alexa Bliss, is also an American wrestler who is at the moment, signed with the WWE. Originally from Ohio, she was signed by the WWE IN 2013. She won the first ever Woman’s Elimination Chamber Match in 2018 and is currently the Raw Woman’s Champion.

Sasha Banks

Kanako Urai is a wrestler from Japan. Her ring name is Asuka and she is signed with the WWE. She only really started to make an impact and a name for herself in 2010 and by 2011 she had won the 2011 Catch the Wave tournament. Along with a partner, Mio Shirai, she won a tag team championship. She was on the Japanese Independent circuit starting in 2010 and ending in 2015. Near the end of 2015 she signed with the WWE. She has won the NXT championship and has held the title for the longest of any wrestler.