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Keeping fit and staying healthy is part of the utmost concern of every individual, gone are the days when working out was regarded as a chore now many enjoy it and look forward to their workouts. These days, it’s a way of life. If you are planning to stay or get fit, you might want to find the perfect gym for you to achieve your fitness goals. Gyms equipped with different type of machine and equipment that will help you burn those unwanted calories and get those abs you have wished for out. Gyms around the UK are now revolutionizing the way we think about exercise. Here are few of the best gyms to join in the UK.


Tagged has Hollywood’s hottest workout, Barry’s Bootcamp arrived the UK and has now made a big name for itself in the city. It is a basement gym that is equipped with a long run of the treadmill while in the shades of darkness. The music is loud, work-outs varies, and the sessions pass in a jiffy. The Barry’s boot camp is a place acknowledged for burning over 1000 calories per session.


Located at 3 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London. The SP health is known as the world’s most exclusive gym. Favourite sportsman Stephen Price opened the Gym, and it has a limited membership of only 30. It is an alternative to full work out chains; SP health offers its clientele a Kelly Hoppen-designed gym furnished with the best techno Gym equipment, Europe’s advanced altitude chamber where 12500 feet burns twice calories in lesser time and a Pilates Reformer. Each member of the gym receives a single server where up to seven health experts direct you towards your goals. They can help you communicate with gyms abroad if you travel to ensure the continuity of your fitness regime.


The gym, divided across four levels, and open steel staircases connect them. You can be able to have access to the latest equipment and if you are not too serious about exercise, you can workout at their hypoxic chamber with low levels of oxygen to simulate conditions at 8500 feet as well as up to 130 free classes a week. The third space also offers gym kit as well as a live DJ. The Third Space, located in London’s stylish Soho area. They have crystals embedded in the walls, live DJs playing at their different workout areas, a swimming pool as well as a boxing ring, climbing wall, and the padded dodo.


Situated at Brompton Cross, South Kensington, the KX is a gym that is perfect for a gym goer who gets easily bored. They have a wide variety of classes that are kept deliberately small to ensure that all of the gyms members get detailed attention and guidance. Some of their favourite courses include based on the ballet bar, KX barre, and contemporary dance. They use pioneering techniques, equipment and treatment to help their member to maintain an optimum lifestyle balance.