UK Pitbulls


There are many men on the wresting circuit, which is not surprising since wrestling has been popular for quite some time now. Wrestling matches have attracted large audiences both in terms of attendance at actual matches and in terms of television viewership. One of the most famous is Hulk Hogan[…]

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Organized fights have always been popular, often attracting large audiences. One of the earliest historic fights was in 1927, when over $1.7 was paid by audiences to witness the matchup between Jack Dempsey and George Carpentier. The match was held in New Jersey where over 80,000 people could be accommodated.[…]

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Wrestling is a sport that has traditionally been thought of as only for men or associated with men. In the early days of the WWF this was certainly the case with women really playing only a minor role. Of course this is certainly not the case anymore and there have[…]

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